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Our Mission

We balance the well-being of the business, the family, and the owners we serve to support the continuity of family businesses and strengthen our economic base.

Our Purpose

To develop and strengthen the next generation family members and non-family leaders to help prepare them for leadership positions within their family business.

We develop a process that prepares past, present, and future generations to take on or pass on leadership positions within the business to help sustain the family ownership through self-awareness, self-regulation, individuation, and joint problem solving.

A group of people attending a meeting sitting around a rectangular arrangement of desks.

Family businesses are facing a large transition of ownership in the coming years. We’re here to help you navigate the waters ahead.

Our Methodology

We use Gestalt theory to help clients develop deeper awareness and insight, not only of their thoughts but also of their physiological and phenomenological reactions to issues they experience.

This is a holistic approach to focusing on the present. This style of coaching and advising can help individuals start living in the present and stop dwelling on the past.

Using the Gestalt Cycle of Awareness can help start a conversation to bring about new awareness and insight on what the proper next steps can be to help both the individual and the organization reach their personal and professional goals.